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#write31days ~ day 9: counting your blessings


“Rejoicing in these singular moments of grace, I desired to see more of them and was better able to recognize His loving care woven throughout my days. My hope returned. The recognition of His presence in my life lifted me from the fog of despair and back into the light of hope.”

Today I am writing over at Blessed is She, sharing how the practice of daily gratitude can be an excellent way of keeping the joy of Christ in your life, even during turbulent, trying times. Whenever my mood is spiraling into a dark place for long stretches, I find that this practice of counting your blessings can bring great relief and inspiration through this great act of faith.

I often take an empty journal and just write in a thing or two each day that I’m grateful for. It’s an excellent practice to start during Advent or Lent as a devotion to enter into the season more fully. And one of the reasons I love the Blessed is She Liturgical Planner so much is that there is a space for this at the end of every day.

Two people that inspire me with their continual practice of this are Bobbi at Revolution of Love and Ann at A Holy Experience. Bobbi, a fellow BiS writer, is currently spending her Write 31 Days challenge sharing 31 Days of Gratitude. I read along with her last year as well when she kept this practice. {Although, this is actually her third year!} Ann has an entire book written on this practice {which I haven’t yet read, but need to!}. Her blog posts are filled with gratitude for even the smallest blessings in life.


2 Thoughts on “#write31days ~ day 9: counting your blessings

  1. Hi Laurel, I just read your devotion from BIS and wanted to share that I can really relate to that struggle! I graduated with a degree in Spanish/International Studies in 2010 and had a good 2 years of frustration in job hunting, doubting myself, and asking for grocery money for Christmas lol. I am now married and staying at home with two kids and enjoying a little more financial stability – which makes today’s post a good reminder not to “hoard.” Thanks and God bless you!

    • Kaity, Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. Even in better times, it still is hard not to ‘hoard’! But I’m so glad to hear you’ve found yourself in better ones. God bless you too!

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