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#write31days ~ Day 8: Sweet Shades of Violet




Cast on a sweet, violet baby hat today for a dear friend’s daughter. I haven’t done any hats since last Fall so it is a pleasant surprise how quickly this is coming together after some really long projects. I chose this pattern for a bit of visual interest (instead of the typical stockinette stitch I like to do). I might make some of these later for my daughters too using some of the leftover yarn from their sweaters.

In my reading, I’m slowly working through The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown. Her books always seem to find me at the right time. Her encouragement for wholehearted living is inspiring…but also shows me just how much work I have to do. I believe this is the first of her trio. Her second, Daring Greatly, I wrote a little about here. I’d like to read her newest and recently published, Rising Strong, soon as well.

I was attempting a little practice with my 50mm lens by the glow of the kitchen lights very early in the morning, so please excuse the harsh light in my photos. I love how far you can shorten the depth-of-field with this lens.


Linking up with Ginny’s Yarn Along this week. 

3 Thoughts on “#write31days ~ Day 8: Sweet Shades of Violet

  1. I keep trying to read Brene Brown. I have two books of hers and begin to read – and she loses me. I don’t get it!!!!!

    • Hmmm….I’ve found that when I’ve picked them up, it is just when I needed to hear her message. Perhaps that is why they have resonated with me? If you’ve got her Wholehearted living down already, they might just be boring. 😉

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