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#write31days ~ Day 4: A Baby Shower


A simple capture, really. But these types of moments are so dear to my heart.

Yesterday, we were celebrating a friend’s second child–her first son–who will be born at the end of November. It means so much to me to celebrate each LIFE that a friend brings into the world. And, also, to celebrate and encourage her in her motherhood.

It is a lot of work growing a baby inside you. It is even more work raising that child up. It is so great to pause as we rejoice and support as she embarks on this journey with her newest one.

Every pregnancy is different, every child is unique–it is good to stop and remember.

5 Thoughts on “#write31days ~ Day 4: A Baby Shower

  1. realcatholicmom on October 4, 2015 at 10:34 pm said:

    Hooray for pregnant Moms and new babies and taking a moment to celebrate! I’m with you, Laurel: it IS good to stop and remember. 🙂

  2. Baby showers are fun. And every mother should have for every single baby…1st or 7th. At my last shower, for my 7th baby, I didn’t need anything other than the friendship of my girls. My sister invited them over for a relaxing brunch…in our pajamas! It was so much fun and nourishing.

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