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#write31days ~ Day 25: Sprinkled With Love




A dear friend of mine recently welcomed their first girl {second child} into the family. As she and her husband like to wait for the surprise at the very end, we decided to do a little meet-n-greet sprinkle after the baby was born so we could sprinkle her with pink or blue accordingly…pink it was!!

I had a ton of fun gathering up items of that lovely hue and putting together an afternoon tea. She asked that guests give only books as gifts to add to their library, but we threw a few other fun girly things in as well. 😉 {Couldn’t help it!}  We enjoyed a wonderful Sunday afternoon meeting her daughter and sipping tea with a few tasty morsels.

{By the way, she has the most gorgeous light that floods her house in the afternoon. Perfect for photos! It was just a tad hard hosting and photographing at the same time so I only managed to capture a few.}

One Thought on “#write31days ~ Day 25: Sprinkled With Love

  1. Love the idea of a sprinkle! How sweet of you! It looks like it was a lovely party!

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