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#write31days ~ Day 15: Tiny Ballerina in Black and White








For almost two years now {more than half her life–crazy!}, Evelyn has been going to ballet classes on Thursday mornings. We started in the Itty Bitty Ballet class where not much formal training was done but it gave the children an opportunity to get used to rhythm, following instructions, and learning about their bodies movement in space.

About six months ago, Evelyn moved up to the more advanced Pre-Ballet class and has continued to enjoy it, including the more formal learning of ballet steps and movements. I’ve loved watching her grow and blossom in these classes. She gives her all and absolutely loves every moment of it. I’m so proud of her holding her own amongst girls who are a bit older than her. {The class is designed for 3-6 years old and she hasn’t even reached 3 yet. But the teacher felt she was ready to move up!}

Whether she decides to stick with ballet long-term, switch to another type of dance, or abandon it altogether further on down the road, I’m so glad she’s had this opportunity.

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  1. How fun! I have two girls and I’d love to get them into ballet. Now that we’ve settled into Boise, I think you’ve motivated me to start looking!

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