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#write31days ~ Day 14: Marks-A-Lot






We had a little fun with markers the other day. It’s their first time using these as I’ve been nervous with just how messy they can be. But good ol’ Crayola does a fine job of making ‘ultra washable’ ones and I didn’t have too much trouble removing errant marks from surfaces when we were done.

And, once again, their styles certainly came out when we got creative! 🙂 So fun to observe.

5 Thoughts on “#write31days ~ Day 14: Marks-A-Lot

  1. realcatholicmom on October 14, 2015 at 9:21 pm said:

    Markers always make me nervous! But you’re right – the crayola ones wash right up, no problem, and as long as you can find the tops so they don’t dry up and you can use them more than once (!) it’s great to see the kids expressing themselves artistically. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your beauties!!

    • I definitely understand being nervous…as washable as they are, I don’t want them on my furniture on the off-chance that’s the one thing they DON’T come off of! But a bit of a ‘controlled’ creative environment, and I let them go hog-wild with their imaginations! 😉

  2. So adorable! My kids always give each other tatoos (in other words, they write all over each other and themselves) when the markers come out, but you are right. It’s just fun to watch them be kids. <3

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