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#write31days ~ Day 12: Monday Breakfast Toes



This little one plopped herself on the couch this morning with her cereal bowl and milk cup, and quietly enjoyed her breakfast. We normally eat at the table but I just couldn’t disturb her contentment.

Her sweet toes captured my attention as she went about sipping her milk and munching her Cheerios. A lot of personality is revealed in her tiny feet.

5 Thoughts on “#write31days ~ Day 12: Monday Breakfast Toes

  1. Baby feet are the best. Whenever I *get* to see a baby, the first thing I go for is their feet. So true that there really is so much personality in their feet. My youngest flexes and relaxes his toes when he’s eating. That’s how I know he’s relaxed. Funny, right?!

    • It is such a funny thing! And, it’s true, it’s a wonderful way to tell their mood…mine always scrunch their toes up tight when they are stressed out and wiggle them freely when they are relaxed! So much ‘spoken’!

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  3. Oh my goodness, what an adorable picture! Love itty bitty toes!

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