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#write31days ~ Day 10: Baptism



Celebrated the Baptism of this sweet, new Christian today. Besides the initial shock of cold water on his head, he seemed to enjoy the little ‘bath’. 🙂

I love how the two people–the priest and his godmother–frame the first shot. It echoes the shape of the baptismal font and perfectly places him at the center of the triangle. The second was a great capture of the water washing over his forehead. <3

5 Thoughts on “#write31days ~ Day 10: Baptism

  1. Really loving these, Laurel…these are so sweet. The sliver of moon in Morning Glory is beautiful too. I hope you’re enjoying your daily inspiration l, it’s such a treat to being along for the ride. 🙂

  2. Oh how sweet! What a blessing these pictures will be to the baby and family 🙂

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