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#write31days ~ day 1: sunflowers


Last year, we grew these sunflowers in our garden. It was the first year that, after their planting, they actually decided to show up. Although, I doubt the late arrival to the party was their own fault. Those birds that swoop through the yard many times throughout the day, I’m sure, may have been the influence.

The sunflowers uplifting presence was a bright highlight every day as I walked into the garden to water. Their orientation toward the sun reminded me to soak in its rays after the chilly, grey days of winter had fallen away. Their radiance brought their own source of light to cheer me. My daughters loved to stand near them and gaze up at their grandeur, their large heads providing a small source of shade from the blazing sun.


My grandmother had a great affinity for these delightful flowers. Just recently, we began the process of emptying her house as she and my grandfather both have passed onto their eternal reward. As I swept through her kitchen, painted a sweet shade of pastel yellow, I began unhooking the pictures she had hanging there: all ones depicting in a variety of ways her favorite sunshiny flower. I wrapped them up to bring them to my home, thinking very fondly of her and our times spent in the kitchen, hoping soon to hang them on my own walls to bring back those memories from time to time.


We planted another round of sunflowers this year. My eldest finds great delight in the color red, so we threw in a few of that shade as well. I’ve hidden them along the fence, away from the sight of the snatching birds. They do so much better in that spot. We, even, had a several volunteers from last year’s fallen seeds that produced stalks nearly resembling sunflower trees, with multiple heads shooting from the main stem.

What a joy they bring! I’m beginning to understand why they were my grandmother’s favorite. They may slowly make their way up my chart of favorites to the top as the years roll by.

8 Thoughts on “#write31days ~ day 1: sunflowers

  1. We love sunflowers! We’ve got a thick border of them growing along our back fence and have spent hours this Summer enjoying them.

  2. Sweet memories of your grandmother

  3. Eternal rest grant into your grandmother, sweet friend, and may perpetual Light shine upon her. May she rest in peace and run through fields of sunflowers!

  4. I looove sunflowers. I tried to grow some this summer but we had so many foggy and cold days they just didn’t flourish. I’ll have to try again!

    • Yes, I think if I ever move to the foggy coast that would be one thing I would struggle with having difficulty growing. They certainly like their sunshine!

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