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DSC_0008Laurel has written the past eight posts. It’s my turn! I’ve obviously been absentee from the blog, but thankfully, I haven’t been absentee from my family. Instead of writing posts, I have been spending a lot of my time in the evenings watching Evelyn try to roll over, babbling long stories to me, and my favorite, playing peekaboo.


It’s quite funny since she’s just starting to react to it, and hasn’t really grasped the concept yet. I’ll say, “peekaboo!” and she’ll get a big grin, which would otherwise be a toothy grin, had she any teeth. Then, she turns away with a shy little look on her face. It’s so cute! Right now, Laurel is doing a fantastic job taking care of her, but she’s a little fussy (I mean Evelyn, not Laurel).


I’ve also been busy with something else. It’s the reason we went down to Los Angeles recently. I am in the Masters of Public Administration program at the University of Southern California! Fight on! For those who are not familiar with what this degree is, it helps train government or nonprofit executives. Further, it helps with policy analysis and its implementation.


Many lobbyists, management consultants, and public relations professionals also get this degree. It is, in my opinion, the most valuable degree for those interested in politics. This will play nicely with my law degree, and so will the fact that USC is in the top 10 Masters of Public Administration programs in the nation. While I’m taking my classes online, USC has a satellite campus in Sacramento, which I’m sure will be useful. Their alumni network is strong here, and I’ve already made contact with many of them!



2 Thoughts on “Where I’ve Been!

  1. Fight On!! = )

  2. It looks like you’ve been busy growing a beard, too!

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