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Using the Internet with Intentionality {And How It Can Be a Saving Grace}



One of the things I’m striving for this year is better use of my time online. For a while, I was really frustrated with how much of a time-suck it could be. I considered giving it up altogether. But after some time pondering this in prayer, it was clear that such a drastic move wasn’t what the Lord was calling me to. There are definitely some huge good things that come from my time spent on here, but, as with most things, what was key is balance. {Virtue is the mean between two extremes, right?}

The past few months or so I’ve been meeting and connecting with some incredible women all made possible through these online mediums. I’m quite the introvert and find it much easier to just sit back and “listen” rather than engage with others, more often than not. But I challenged myself to step outside my comfort zone a bit and interact more. I began making more of an effort to ask questions, make comments — not just like a status or photo. Once I became more intentional about doing this, I started to feel like I was really connecting with people not just merely perusing their Facebook feeds and Instagram snapshots.

I congratulated a friend on the birth of her little one. I gave feedback to a friend attempting to choose colors for her new kitchen. I suggested a similar, new read to a friend who had just finished an excellent book. I rejoiced with a friend whose son had finally slept through the night. I sympathized with a friend going through a difficult situation, perhaps sharing something that helped me work through something similar.

I love the camaraderie that has developed with fellow young mothers in similar circumstances at home. It is such a blessing when I’m feeling on the verge of a break-down, to send a message out — a call for prayer, asking for words of encouragement.

I know this has begun to take the place of many long phone conversations with friends and family. But, to be honest, with two littles, two and under, scurrying all over the house, it is easier for me to take five minutes here and there to stop and connect online, rather than call up and spend an hour on the phone. If it comes down to that, it will probably be a year or more before I catch up with many people! Reality.

It’s just hard to connect that way in this season of my life. I used to fight this because I want to have longer-lasting connections, but I’m coming to accept this method for connecting at this time. Hopefully, further on down the road, I can get back into writing more handwritten letters and chatting for hours on the phone with friends. But, for now, I’m enjoying the few snippets throughout my day that I can steal away and connect online.

9 Thoughts on “Using the Internet with Intentionality {And How It Can Be a Saving Grace}

  1. everything you said = #sotrue
    I know I’m horrible at keeping up via phone calls but when people can connect on their own (busy) schedule it makes things so much easier! Even a text convo that involves 3 texts over 3 days connects you more to a person than no communication at all!

  2. I love this so much! It’s true! We’re at a point in our lives when this is easier. I’ve had the same inner questions about the time I spend online, but I do think it’s not all a bad thing as you said. Thanks for putting it so well!

    • Thanks, Britt! It’s easy to feel guilty about the time spent online but it is a good and healthy thing to connect with others. As long as we’re doing it in moderation — no guilt! 😉

  3. Me too Laurel!! This has definitely been on my mind as I start the new year; to make my online life mean something and truly be focused and intetional.

  4. True words! ALL my mom-friends communicate via text/internet 🙂 We never call each other… but we have some great conversations! God can really redeem the time, too – in the past month I have met 2 new moms, and have had some great play-dates with new friends as a result! Good work, Laurel!

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