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Up, Up and Away!

Our little Evelyn has inherited her parents’ sense of wanderlust. We made a trip back East this past week to attend a friend’s wedding and took advantage of the jaunt with a few extra days on either end to do a little exploring of NoVA. (That’s Northern Virginia for those uninitiated.)

We hopped on a plane, stopping briefly in Dallas, Texas, to emerge from Dulles airport in the sauna that is a D.C. summer. I know it hasn’t gotten that bad yet. But to us dry heat Californians, it feels like a steam room the minute you step outdoors. I’ll take a dry 110 degree day in California any day over a steamy 80 degree day in the South! (And my husband is now thinking….Arizona?? šŸ˜‰ )

Evelyn flying with mama

I think we really lucked out with our pleasant young traveler. Sure, we had to be prepared with entertainment on hand, but all in all she was excited to be ‘meeting’ new people and exploring new places. She beams at everyone who walks by, and if they don’t at least say ‘hello’, she starts squawking at them with a noise that sounds like, ‘Hey, I’m talking to you!’

Evelyn flying

If you’re in the business of traveling with a baby or toddler, a few quick tips:

* Bring a new toy or two. Crying usually comes with boredom and there’s nothing like the quick fix of a novel item.

*Running on the same strain…take advantage of the new things around you. We liked playing with the cups from in-flight beverages, straws at the restaurants, crinkly paper from a chip package, etc. Or try a new food!

*Make sure they are in comfortable clothes, even pajamas. If you can get them to sleep for a while on the plane, even better. The temperature in a plane can be rather unpredictable, so I like to dress myself and my child in layers. That way we can peel things off if it gets too warm or bundle up in a sweater if the blasting AC gets to be too much.

*You’ve probably heard this one before but it bears repeating: offer something to drink on the way up and down. The pressure from ascending and descending can be unbearable for even the heartiest among us! They don’t know to swallow to relieve the pressure.

flight to VA

This was right before a nice Indian lady came over and insisted on holding Evelyn in the airport in Dallas…in her own seat across the way. I tried to reassure myself with the thought ‘it’s just a cultural thing, they’re more communal’ but I was quite on edge about the whole thing. Steve was ready to pounce her if she made one wrong move. šŸ˜‰


Stay tuned for more highlights from our trip!!

2 Thoughts on “Up, Up and Away!

  1. It gets easier with the second kid. When it was just Lucy I wouldn’t let anyone hold her but Dan, myself, and close family. When strangers asked to hold her I’d pray she’d have a fit or something, terrible I know.;)

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