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Truly, Fight On.


This. ^^ This is the sign of victory.

It may be USC’s hand symbol for greeting fellow alums but, in this instance, it is far more than just a friendly gesture. Here: It is the symbol of triumph. Of accomplishment. Of overcoming. Of success. Of a job well done.


This walk elicited a flood of emotion that was difficult to hold back.

I have never been more proud of this man. Throughout the past three years {most of our marriage}, he has been working tirelessly.

First, to be accepted into grad school. And not just any, but the school 6th in the nation for the field he pursued.

He made it.


Then, came the real work. In between a full-time job 40 miles from home and deepening his relationship with his wife and daughters, in the margins, he pursued his studies. He spent nearly every spare moment studying. Those hour-long train rides to and from work: studying. Those long holiday weekends: studying. Those nights after everyone went to bed: studying. Those weekend naps while everyone else was resting: studying.

And the day has come. He now holds a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Southern California.


And did I mention he won an award for his final Capstone Project? Rockstar, that man of mine is.

He has put in more than his fair share and I do hope that the job that propels him forward in his career and provides stability for his family comes soon. He deserves it.


We are looking forward to a summer of seeing more of his handsome face and enjoying some relaxation with him.


Well done, my Love, well done. #fighton <3

4 Thoughts on “Truly, Fight On.

  1. Aw! This was so sweet. I love seeing a wife talk about how much she loves and appreciates her husband and what he’s accomplished. Congratulations all around! 🙂

  2. Nancy on May 30, 2015 at 3:18 pm said:

    We are so proud of Steve, and all his hard work! And, so glad that he has you to support him! Wish we could have been there! Congratulations to both of you 🙂

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