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This Year’s Garden

Between pregnancy and taking care of a newborn for me and full-time work and part-time grad school for Steve, it is a wonder we got anything out of our garden this year. After my brother and his friend put up a wonderful fence around our side yard and two beautiful planter boxes, we hustled to get a few things into the ground before Lucie made her appearance. Our haste made for a slap-dash tilling and planting without much regard for the suitability of the soil. The side yard was previously some nasty grass. We tossed some fertilized dirt over top, Steve’s dad came over to rototill and we raked it into rows before planting. The planter boxes had a little more attention, being filled only with good soil and the insertion of soaker hoses to aid in the watering process {much-appreciated as I painstakingly tried to do a lot of it with my big belly before it was finished…no easy task}.


One entire box we devoted to strawberries which we hope to keep going year after year. {Supposedly, they get better each year at producing.}

my berries

The next was half-filled with peppers — cayenne, ancho, jalapeno and serrano. They’ve done fairly well, although a few peppers ended up with some brown spots at first. Steve has used them to make some FINE! hot sauce. The first, he made using grilled peppers and it turned out being a chipotle hot sauce. SO yummy! {I haven’t tried the second yet. I get nervous because he likes his sauces HOT! ;)}


ancho jalapeno


The other half of the box, we attempted to grow radishes, carrots and leeks from seed. We got a good crop from the radishes {which we reseeded a few times}. The carrots sprouted…and then disappeared one. by. one. It was odd. I think it was either an insect eating them underground or the crazy scrub jays we have sqwaking around our yard. We never saw the leeks. 🙁


We started many little tomato seeds back in the early Spring. Many came up initially, but we didn’t do a sufficient job moving them into larger containers as they grew. As a result, we ended up with only ONE that could be transplanted. It was a Roma and it hasn’t done that well. Plus, I think it got some sort of mildew on its leaves. We grabbed some plants from a nearby nursery — an heirloom variety, Early Girls, pears and about half a dozen cherry tomato plants. {Needless to say, we have cherry tomatoes coming out our ears.}

tomato plant


Evey's tomato!


Alongside the tomatoes, we grew some some bell peppers that came up from seed. They looked sad when we first put them in the ground, but after Steve gave them a magical potion of coffee grounds, they perked right up and grew twice their size practically overnight. {I just made some stuffed bell peppers with eight of them the other night and it was SO gratifying!}


dinner prep

stuffed bell peppers

The last thing that went in our garden were a few rows of corn and a few of sunflowers. They never saw the light of day. Again, I think those nasty scrub jays are the culprits in the case of the missing plants.

We had a squash plant and two pumpkins that came up on the hillside, but the squash produced only a few teeny, tiny vegetables and the pumpkins stopped growing after a few weeks. Something wasn’t quite right with the soil, I’m guessing.

We sprinkled in some cheery and bright marigolds to help out the tomatoes, which Evey loved to help water.


She also had her own little flower, which she dutifully watered every morning.

Evey's flowers{It looked a lot better earlier in the summer when it was in full bloom!}

Evey's flowers 2

I threw some seed in the flower bed of a flower that attracts butterflies {and lots of bees!} that I can’t remember the name of at the moment. They did well in helping our garden get pollinated!

orange flower



The garden is a bit of an embarrassment at this point with the number of weeds we’ve allowed to get out of hand. {I’ve been pretty good about taking care of the strawberry bed, though. Surprised? ;)}

the garden


Our youngest gardener.


youngest gardener

2 Thoughts on “This Year’s Garden

  1. Wow, I’m so impressed by your garden! I would love to grow veggies and herbs one day. I can barely keep my potted flowers alive, though!

    • Jenna, it is still a skill that I am developing. I used to have the blackest thumb on the block. Start small with one or two herbs and branch out from there. The easiest ones to grow are rosemary and mint. (But make sure to contain your mint as it grows like crazy and can become rather invasive!)

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