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The Peach Tree That Was (And Still Is!)

I woke up one morning a few weeks ago to find our 8 foot-something peach tree had crashed to the ground. Just the day before, I had been pinching their flesh, hoping for a ripe one soon. It seemed my hopes had literally been dashed to the ground.

fallen peach tree

We were leaving on a vacation the next day, so decided to leave it lying there for clean up when we got back. Although it was blazing hot while we were gone (on the verge of 110 degrees and above), the broken tree still maintained its green leaves and fuzzy orbs upon our return.

We left it alone.

Now, almost a month later, they’re actually ripening! I picked a boatload this morning (around 30!) and there are still more to be had (if I can keep them away from the blue jay population in our yard).

I made some peach jam with ones from the farmers’ market a few weeks ago. I’m eager to mix up some more and, this time, can it for later, to ward off those wintry peach cravings. Someone’s also been requesting a peach pie. 😉

Endless possibilities!!

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