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Team Girl, Team Boy…or Team Green?


There was no question when I was pregnant with Evelyn that we would find out whether we were having a boy or girl. Especially with our first, we wanted to plan out a nursery and pick out clothes based on the sex. I mean, we could have gone with yellow ducks and all, but it just wasn’t as exciting to me as picking out a closet full of smocked dresses or tiny suits with bowties.

When I was pregnant with Lucie, I thought about waiting until birth for a split second but the planner in me overcame it. And, well, what if we had a boy? I would need a whole new wardrobe! {Turns out I did anyway as they were born in opposite seasons so hardly anything that fit Evey when she was the same age is appropriate for Lucie now. With big ticket items, like high chairs and bouncer seats, we tried to go gender-neutral in the event someday we would welcome a boy to our family.} Steve was in favor of finding out too.

Our brother-in-law made a keen observation when, one day, we were talking about discovering the baby’s sex at the ultrasound. He mentioned that either way it was going to be a surprise — either at the ultrasound or when the baby was born. {I had the thought — well, maybe both because sometimes the tech gets it wrong! ;)} That kind of confirmed what we had chosen.

But, then, I was talking to a friend the other day on the phone who has chosen to wait until birth and she made a good argument for being more patient. She said that not knowing helps keep her focus on pushing as efficiently as she can while in labor because she JUST. CAN’T. WAIT. to find out! That’s a valid point too. If we’re blessed with other children, I might be persuaded to wait based on that reason.


What did you and your spouse decide? Why? Would you do it differently next time?

6 Thoughts on “Team Girl, Team Boy…or Team Green?

  1. So, when Richard and I found out we were expecting our honeymoon baby, I figured I’d found out. Any other thought had never occurred to me. But, as we approached our big ultrasound, I started realizing to my surprise that I didn’t want to know. So, long story short, I haven’t found out with any of the girls what their sex was.

    I do this because it helps motivate me in labor. I love the motivation of pushing through those last few tough hours. Also, it’s like a gift to me. A baby is the greatest gift one can imagine. So, for me, I can’t even “peek,” because it ruins the surprise, meant for our own sweet mini-christmas–when we will blessed with the baby coming into this world.

  2. Anne Marie Barr on October 29, 2014 at 3:13 pm said:

    We found out with Jonah but I’m tempted to wait with the next baby! I know Dustin wanted to wait but I couldn’t not ‘plan’ for our first!!

    • I get that. I was of the same thought about Evelyn. For some reason, Steve and I were both eager with Lucie too. After hearing some other perspectives, I might be willing (and wanting) to wait next time if God blesses us with other children.

  3. Laura Rose on November 5, 2014 at 3:23 pm said:

    We never find out. With our first, Chris really wanted to wait to find out, and I was really not set on one way or the other, so I went with his inclination. And we’ve never looked back. But I think it’s important to be on the same page whatever you choose. I am a planner-in fact, a bit of an overplanner. but I really LOVE the fact that this is one thing that I just can’t plan for and get to be surprised. I plan for EVERYTHING else, but this is the one thing that I can “plan” on always being surprised about and since I know it will be an amazing surprise either way, I just love it. And yes, after the labor and pushing, it’s truly the most amazing thing to be waiting with baited breath to see who God’s little surprise for us is and hear the doctor’s big announcement. 🙂

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