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A Special Breakfast

For quite some time, Evelyn has had an interest in making food. Her mama has done a great job including her when time and complexity of the meals allow. If she ends up being able to cook half as good as Laurel, my prospects of keeping off the weight I just lost is slim to none (sorry, bad pun).

As you can see, Evelyn has baked muffins:

And pizza:

However, now, it’s my turn! I often make breakfast for everyone on the weekends when I’m home from work. Recently, Evelyn has asked to participate. Now we’ve done it together enough that she knows the routine. In fact, she’s ready for her own cooking show. Well, that gave me an idea!


My Strawberry Girl

5 months 1

This a collection of Evelyn’s 5 month portraits. (I’m only slightly behind still — these were taken in mid-April.)

5 months 2

5 months 3

The outfit she is wearing was mine when I was little. I’m finally beginning to see where this love of strawberries came from….. 🙂 I’m hoping I can pass it on! 😉

5 months 4

5 months 5

She’s getting very good at sitting up by herself. Gets very proud when she gets to sit in a chair like a big girl.

5 months 6

5 months 7

Not sure if she’s 5 months going on 15 years, though. What attitude! 😉

5 months 8

5 months 9

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