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Summer splashing

splish splash!

Due to California’s drought, many of the splash pads have been closed this year. But, darn it!, it’s still hot here! The kids need a way to cool off during the hot summer months! If the splash pads have recycled water, I can’t see how that would take too much unnecessary (boy, is that relative!) water from other things.

We have discovered a few that are still open. One is about 10 minutes from our house and, bonus!, the little playground there is just as exciting.


A few days ago, while Lucie was taking her morning nap in the stroller, Eveyln and I explored the park and splash pad. We had it all to ourselves for about an hour! She had me going up and down the spiral slide with her repeatedly. (She’s not quite ready for it on her own.) I think we did it about 50 times. It was nice to have my hands free to play with her a bit. I miss chasing her around at the park due to the other little person in my care. In an effort to tire herself out more, she would loop around the bottom of the slide after we made it down, before running back up the stairs to go down again. {I opted out of the loop — just stuck with the stairs.}


We enjoyed the swings together too, making it fly as high as she was comfortable.



The splash pad opened at noon, early enough for us to enjoy a little time in the water before nap time. She was a little nervous at first, but began to rush right in once she had assessed the situation. {That’s her way of things. Smart girl.}

splash 1

splash 2


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  1. That does look like an awesome park! Looking forward to hanging out with you girls again soon!! 🙂

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