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Summer has already struck with a vengeance. Apparently, Mother Nature did not get the message that summer doesn’t officially start for another 2 weeks. Yesterday was well over one hundred and it was already 90 degrees at 9 am this morning.

shopping in style

My new swimsuit arrived on the doorstep yesterday evening and after trying it on this morning, I haven’t had the heart to take it off just yet. I’m thinking I might need to find a pool later. Swimming (or rather floating because swimming will probably make you warmer) is about all you want to do on a day like this.

This is Evelyn’s first experience ever with weather of this caliber. She doesn’t appear to be a fan. I’ve been trying to get creative with ways to help her (and myself, let’s not appear too selfless and disinterested) get cool.

It’s never too early to get them started on the Starbucks addiction! She loved the cup of ice leftover from my lime refresher. Not only was it cool to the touch, but it also made an awesome rattling sound.


drinking from a cup

Air-conditioned shops are a great alternative to racking up a large bill on your home air-conditioning. We meandered around Target for a good hour or so yesterday, waiting until the last possible moment to leave to meet daddy as he arrived home from work.

yogurt and cheerios

work of art

mess making

Evelyn has a great love for yogurt (especially strawberry — wonder where she got that from?). I usually feed her Greek yogurt, so I was excited to find some of that variety in the little hand-held tubes, great for tiny fingers. I froze them in anticipation of this heat, and we’ve been enjoying them every day since the thermometer spiked past 90 degrees.

yummy yogurt

Yogurt is also a great medium for this budding artist. (Although, I’m a little afraid for our carpet.)

yogurt art

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  1. Cute! Yogurt “paint” + Evelyn “canvas” = Picture Perfect

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