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Spring, Maybe? {7QT}

Linking up with 7 Quick Takes today because I feel so behind in posting that I’m rather paralyzed, and if I don’t start right where I’m at, I may never jump in again.

One) We had a lovely St. Patrick’s Day yesterday. The girls had ballet class so we had fun scouring their drawers {and mine} for a few green things. It’s not a usual color we wear so I had to do a bit of digging. We had corned beef, red potatoes, carrots and cabbage, and the requisite Guinness. I think I finally found the proper cooking balance for each of the ingredients in the crockpot. I put the corned beef in 8 hours in advance on low, added the potatoes and carrots after 4 hours, and the cabbage about 45 minutes before we were going to eat. It is so easy to overcook the veggies. Stephen and I topped off the evening together after putting the girls down with vanilla ice cream doused in Baileys.

St Pat's Day 2016

St Pat's Day 2016 2

Two) I’ve spent a good portion of this week tackling the jungle that will be our garden soon. We’ve had a blessing of so much rain this winter {much, MUCH needed}, but with it, comes lots of green….weeds. So far. I’m very happy with the soil that I’ve been working through so far. Lots of juicy worms and nice moisture at quite a depth. It was like chipping out clay last year. Such a difference. We’re still not settled on exactly what we will plant. I’m hoping to work that out with Stephen this weekend. {We’re due for another dose of rain so not much work outside then.} Evey has repeatedly requested carrots, so those will find a place–probably one of the raised beds.

weed jungle 2

I’ve quite a bit of progress in the garden already. The left side was as bad, or worse, than the right when I started. However, the right side is where we have a horrible problem with Bermuda grass so I’m so NOT looking forward to tackling that side.

weed jungle

Then there’s this mess across the way….

Three) The girls have been sleeping extra hard and longer after all the time have spent outside the past week or so. They were becoming horribly stir crazy with all the rain that just. kept. coming. down. About a month ago, I found a toddler bike with training wheels at a local children’s second hand-shop {double score that it was Hello Kitty!}. She rides it constantly back and forth across the patio. We’re still trying to learn how to make it stop and avoid knocking our sister off her feet as we pass by. {Oh, the hazards of being a younger sister.} Lucie likes to climb on the tricks, occasionally be pushed around, but mostly just sit on it in awkward positions. Particularly ones that are heart-attack inducing for her mother. I attempted bringing a smaller car outside for her to ride yesterday, but she prefers to live life on the edge.

snacking outside

at the park

Four) Warm weather has put me in a Spring cleaning frenzy in the house too. I’m eager to replace all the wool sweaters with warm weather wear. We’re trying to make a push to get our garage cleaned out so we can get the door repaired, and use it for the purpose for which it was intended {or maybe it was supposed to be a storage shed/recycling center….?}. I’ve got painting projects piling on and I’m even dreaming of a kitchen remodel. We’ll see how convincing I can be.

tea time among sisters

donut treat

Five) Lent has been very hit-or-miss. Mostly, miss, but I’m trying to roll with the punches and take the penances God sends instead of my own miss-the-mark ideas. Last weekend, I was very, very grateful to go on retreat with Blessed in She in Arizona, while my husband {and MIL for half the day on Friday} held down the fort. It was an amazing blessing in so many ways. I’m hoping to get a few more thoughts down in a separate post about my trip.

bis retreat gathering

photo by Heather

I was excited to hear this morning that our newest study guide, On the Way, for the Easter season and written by our lovely author, Colleen Mitchell, was #1{!!!} on the new release titles on Amazon in the Catholicism category. Can’t wait to dive into His Word more deeply with this beautiful work.

on the way guide

photo via Blessed is She

Six) We’ve got one more week until we celebrate the joy of Easter. The past few years we haven’t participated much in the Triduum services. It is very hard with the set evening times and going at it alone when it happens during the day with littles. Haley suggested in one of her recent posts of switching off with your husband–i.e. one goes to Holy Thursday Mass, the other to Good Friday liturgy–so each is able to partake more fully without both wrestling children the entire time and being unable to focus on anything. I like this approach, so, perhaps, we might give it a run this year.

St Joseph

Seven) I’ve got a back of photos a mile long I’ve been wanting to share, book reviews that I ‘m going to have forgotten the plot before I can even get my words on paper, and oh so many updates on life. Thank you for staying the course in this short flurry of words.

3 Thoughts on “Spring, Maybe? {7QT}

  1. Great to hear some updates! Hooray for spring time weather, gardening, playing outside and sleeping kiddos 🙂 I’m debating about how much gardening to attempt this summer, since when I was pregnant with Hugh over the summer I didn’t do much – bending and weeding gets pretty old around month 8, lol. Hopefully at least some tomatoes and herbs, with the addition of maintaining our blueberry bushes and ever-bearing strawberries.

    • I completely understand the reluctancy to garden when pregnant. I did that with Lucie {who was born in June} and it was quite the challenge/struggle. Tomatoes and herbs are fairly easy to maintain so that seems a good place to go if you’re feeling ambitious. And yay! for fruit plants that come back on their own! 😉

  2. My oldest doesn’t even own anything green (not that I remembered it was St. Patrick’s Day until several hours after they were already at school.)

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