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Southern California trip: Part II

In the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, I had convinced myself that I was just too tired with Evelyn’s lack of sleep (and, thus, ours too) in our uncomfortable hotel room to possibly do anything other than sleep the rest of the day after dropping Stephen off. But when the light of day came, I thought, who knows when I might have the opportunity to explore this city again? (This is often my attitude when travelling — who needs sleep? — and so I arrive home exhausted. Oh well. )

Evelyn’s and mine destination Sunday was the Huntington Library and Gardens. We drove through a bit of beautiful Pasadena to get there and arrived just as they were opening. We spent the majority of the time in the gardens, exploring the Desert, Japanese, and Rose Gardens.

Desert cactus 1

Desert cactus 2

Desert cactus 3

Desert cactus 4

Desert cactus 5

Desert cactus 6

Desert cactus 7

Fish pond

Entrance to Japanese garden

Bamboo Bonsai

Japanese Gardens at the Huntington

Rose garden

Chihuly Rose

Although she spent most of the time in the ErgoBaby, at one point, Evelyn was able to enjoy the view from one the benches in the Rose Garden. 🙂

Evelyn at the rose garden

I meandered quickly through the gallery in the gorgeous mansion on the grounds. The only photo I captured was one on the porch as I was leaving.

Gallery Porch - Huntington

Stephen was released earlier this day so we picked him up and enjoyed tea at a nearby coffee shop until it was time for Mass.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Just down the street from USC, I happened across a beautiful church, St. Vincent de Paul’s. As Stephen had classes starting at 8:30 in the morning, the only possibility for a church service that day was an afternoon or evening time. Fortunately, St. Vincent’s had a 5pm Mass. It was supposedly bilingual, but turned out to be exclusively in Spanish. But, I understood enough to get by and Stephen has a fairly good grasp on the language.

interior of St Vincent de Paul, LA

Dinner was at the Foo Chow restaurant in Chinatown. Part of “Rush Hour” was filmed on location there. Their food was great and portions were generous.

Last day, I discovered this French patisserie/bistro, L’Amande, where we enjoyed a large breakfast of tomato and goat cheese omelets with chocolate hazelnut croissants. This place did an excellent job of transporting me back to my time in Paris. I wish it was closer to where we lived! (On second thought, maybe not — we might go broke with the amount of time I would spend there. ;))

Last stop before the airport was a walk along the Long Beach coastline. We stopped at the nearby Yard House for an afternoon Boddingtons before hopping on the plane to head home.

Boddingtons - Yard House

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