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Southern California trip : Part I

We took a little trip down to the Los Angeles area last weekend for Stephen’s USC orientation weekend. Evelyn and I travelled with him so we could explore a bit while he was in classes (and with Daddy when he wasn’t).

It was Evelyn’s first plane flight (outside the womb ;)), so a big day for her! She did very well! (She slept the whole way down and sat with me while I read a magazine on the way back.)

Daddy and Evey at airport


Evey first airplane ride

After landing at the airport on Friday, we picked up our rental car and drove out to La Mirada to visit Stephen’s undergrad, Biola University. He had not been on campus since graduation so it was a bit nostalgic for him. This photo of Evey and Daddy is under the famous mural of Jesus on campus.

Evey and Daddy at Biola

It was unusually cold down south but we couldn’t miss out on a trip to the beach. Stephen took us to Huntington Beach — his favorite — but one I had never visited. I caught the beautiful sunset on film but we had to leave quickly as it was extremely windy and really bothersome to Evelyn.

sunset Huntington Beach

Saturday morning, Stephen had classes all day at USC. Evelyn and I spent the day exploring the Getty Museum.

Getty explorations

I had never been before and was anxious to see it. We arrived just in time to join a tour of the museum’s highlights. The woman giving the tour was very well educated about the masterpieces she showed us. Our first stop was in the Impressionist room, my favorite painting time period. They had one of Monet’s paintings of Rouen Cathedral on display.

Monet's Rouen cathedral

He did a whole series of these at different times of day and in different seasons. I have been to the cathedral itself. The facade looks out onto a large, open square and it certainly does seem to “change” colors as the day progresses.

Another favorite at this museum was the French wall and furniture decoration. They had rooms with works from the periods between King Louis XIV to Louis XVI. I loved this “Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire” chandelier. See if you can pick out those elements at play in this piece. (Hint: The glass bowl was actually a fish bowl!)

earth, wind, water, fire chandelier

Someone pointed out that this painting of King Louis XIV had him standing in fourth position. The docent said that this was because he was actually the inventor of the ballet positions after having founded the first ballet school in Paris. Never knew that before!

Louis XIV - 4th position

Although cold, it was a beautiful day. All the smog had been blown out of the city the day before so the view from the top of the Getty was spectacular. The distance that could be seen is rarely possible.

view from the Getty

We arrived a little early on campus at USC to meet Stephen for dinner with his classmates. Evelyn and I walked around the beautiful campus while we waited.

sunset at USC

Tommy Trojan statue USC

Dinner was at the University Club on campus where we were able to meet many of Stephen’s fellow classmates. (Sorry, I didn’t take any photos.)

Stay tuned for Part II….

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  1. Laura Rose on January 19, 2013 at 5:07 pm said:

    absolutely fascinating. a fun read. 🙂 thanks for the little blog adventure, Laurel.

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