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If we could pick up our things and move anywhere in California right now, we would probably land in the little town of San Luis Obispo. Affectionately called ‘SLO’ by the locals the acronym is a fitting alias for the town. There is a certain ease of life there that is hard to find in California. Most of us are living at a rapid pace. Head into a city and that pace will multiply times a hundred or so. SLO knows how to take it down a notch…and enjoy life while they’re at it.


We stopped through on our way down to Los Angeles a few weeks ago to visit with my brother, Caleb, and sister-in-law, Sadi, who are currently living there while he goes to school at Cal Poly.

We happened to be there on Mothers’ Day and my brother had some grand activities planned. {At least in my book! And since I was the only mother present, I can vouch that it was a fitting celebration. ;)}


Baileyana Winery is, perhaps, the most family-friendly winery I’ve ever stopped into. We took the girls with us into the tasting room, an adorable yellow building that looks like an old school house, and they were perfect angels put up with our sipping while being bribed with bunny crackers.

wine tasting sidekicks

wine tasting SLO


We chose a delightful white and took it out to the grassy area beside the building where the girls could run free {mostly} while we enjoyed the wine and some snacks.


There was also a bocce ball court nearby that several groups were enjoying. At one point, a family came out with a soccer ball to play a pick-up game. The girls wanted to join in but I was afraid they might get smooshed by the bigger kids. So they got to watch attentively from the sidelines. Another family brought along small containers of bubbles and passed them around which, of course, thrilled all those under ten to the nth degree.

running free


Aunt Sadi won the day with Evey when she brought out the temporary tattoos and they placed matching ones on their arms.


It was such a gorgeous day!

mothers day wine tasting


We hopped back on the long, winding roads to make our way closer to the coast. No trip to SLO is complete without a visit to the beach. Caleb explained to us that there were several good ones in the area but you chose depending on what type of weather and what crowds {or lack thereof} you were willing to put up with. His favorite — the quieter one — was Montana de Oro, and, lucky for us, the sun was {unusually} shining there that day.


We did a lot of splashing in the waves. Evey was cautious; Lucie was racing it head-on. Pretty much sums them up.



Lucie couldn’t get enough of the sand! She would rather fry like a lobster than be pulled away from the blissful feel of it running through her fingers.



What a wonderful way to spend Mothers’ Day!


At one point, Caleb took Evelyn over to make castles in the sand. They built one for Pooh Bear and one for Tigger and one for Piglet and one for Kanga and one for Roo and one for Elsa and one for Anna and so on. Because it is important for everyone to have their own castle! They worked really hard. It was cute. 🙂


We even managed a whole group photo thanks to a park bench!


Oh, and Lucie decided Uncle Caleb’s and Aunt Sadi’s would be the perfect place to take her first steps. We were sitting around chatting when she suddenly stood up and took about five steps across the floor like it was no big deal. Special moment for Caleb, who witnessed it, as he doesn’t see them too often and he caught one of the biggest milestones of her life!


Thanks, Caleb and Sadi, for the wonderful time! Can’t wait to do it again soon!

{And a very happy birthday to Caleb whose birthday happens to fall today!}

2 Thoughts on “SLO Living

  1. love your post! Looks like a really fun area; we’ve only been there once. I would definitely love to explore it more. 🙂 Happy (belated) Mother’s Day!

  2. Sadi on June 3, 2015 at 11:58 pm said:

    So wonderful to have you guys here!

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