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sisters 4

The way these two love on each other just melts my heart. <3

sisters 3

sisters 2

Best friends.

sisters 9

Okay, it may be more Evey than Lucie. 😉

sisters 8

Practicing push ups on her sister — look at how strong she’s getting!

sisters 7

Evey loves to help haul her sister’s rock ‘n play into the living room after she’s finished her nap in the bedroom. She wants to help with everything she can.

rock n play

Every time it’s time for Lucie’s diaper change, Evey runs off down the hall to get her diaper and wipes ready for the change. If I’m too slow coming, she’ll bring them to me wherever we are.

sisters 1

Chatting together. {They probably understand each other better than we understand them.}

sisters 6

Nigh-night hugs. 

sisters 5



2 Thoughts on “Sisters

  1. So sweet! The relationship between siblings is just so beautiful to watch!

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