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Evelyn came down with her first full-blown cold yesterday (she may have had a slight one earlier last month when I was sick, but seemed to escape the worst of it as I was sick first and providing her antibodies).

It breaks my heart to see my baby girl sick and be nearly helpless in assisting her. It started out with a nasty cough. We made a visit to the doctor yesterday afternoon to make sure it wasn’t something serious. The doctor said her lungs were clear, just a lot of mucus in her nose and throat.

Funny thing — the last time we were at the doctor, she received her 2 month shots. She recognized where we were when she caught sight of the instruments on the wall! She began to freak out, thinking she was going to receive shots again. The doctor said she was a bit young to recognize anything but faces, but the expression she made, the reaction she had, was the same one as when she received her shots. I’ve never seen her do that before or after, only when she was given her shots.

Her runny nose has started today. I’ve been trying to keep her nasal passages clear with the bulb syringe (which she can’t stand!), but, fortunately, it’s beginning to clear out on its own.

As I write this, she is sitting next to me, sleeping upright in her car seat, resting. I hope it clears out soon.

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  1. Praying for our little Evelyn to be restored to health! You are a good Mommy, Laurel!! Hug that baby and your husband for us and CALL if there is anything we can do to help you!!! Anytime!! Love, Gram and Gramps

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