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Rest in Peace, Grandma.

This past week, April 3rd, my grandmother, Georgia Lorna Stewart Munsill, passed away. She was the first person I was truly close to, to pass away.


She lived a joy-filled 82 years, 63 of them married to my grandfather, whom she leaves behind to carry on his earthly journey.

Feb 5, 1950

She absolutely loved children. She carried to term two boys, my father and uncle, ten years apart.

Georgia and boys

She suffered five miscarriages in between her boys; she’s now able to hold them in her arms.

She got another dose of littles with nine grandchildren (heavy dose of boys, as I was the only granddaughter) and lived to meet three of her great-grandchildren — my brother Owen’s, lil’ Owen and Rosie, and my daughter, Evelyn. They were her shining stars.

The only women in family growing up!

The only women in my family growing up!

Fall 1987

cutting cake with Grandma

goofin' with grandma

Easter 1993

Too Loud!

Sea Ranch

In her honor, I made a large batch of these buttermilk waffles on Saturday morning. It was something she used to do for us whenever we would spend the night at her house. That and all those hours of board games she would play with us. It was a thrill to play games and drink root beer floats at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. She always had a stash of those bendy-straws for us to plunge into the cold foam.
Grandma's waffles

We said our final goodbyes to her on Saturday morning as her husband placed a red rose, her boys white roses, and grandchildren and great-grandchildren sunflowers (her favorite) on her tomb before it was lowered into the ground. A moment in time I will never forget.

Thanksgiving 2009

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  1. Ahhh Laurel, You write this entry with such deep thought and feelings. I want to hear more about your dear grandmother. I love all the photos and want to hear the stories behind each one….and yay for waffles and strawberries and powdered sugar…yum! I love your passionate writing and your gentle spirit!

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