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Quietly Preparing

It gets pretty quiet around here come November. I begin to get into Advent and Christmas-prep mode, so little time is left for writing my thoughts and happenings. The cooler weather also makes me pause and become more contemplative. The introvert in me comes out full-force. I miss writing, but I’m happy to be more reserved for a time.


I’m gathering bits and pieces for the beginning of Advent {just only over a week away!}. This year, I’m catching on with the tradition of wrapping a book for each day and opening it as a sort of Advent calendar. The bookworm bug is strong around here, so there is always much reading done, but now Evey also gets a kick out of opening packages, so it’ll be fun to add on that extra element. I’ll be wrapping them in old, brown paper bags as I could see purchasing enough Christmas paper to cover so many becoming rather expensive.

We also will be doing our beloved Advent Nativity. This was Evey’s favorite last year. She never forgot a day, as it was her first act upon rising in the morning. More important, even, than breakfast. 😉


We’ll be following along with Ann Voskamp’s, Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, together as a family and making our own Jesse Tree ornaments as we go along each day. And, of course, lighting our Advent wreath on the appropriate Sundays.

A small chocolate Advent calendar may also make it’s way to our counter too. 😉

One thing I was fairly successful at last year, which I’ve made even more of an effort to do this year, is purchasing Christmas gifts before Advent starts. It allows us to really dive into the quiet preparation for Christ’s birth. And really remember the reason for the season, without fretting over whether presents have been purchased or not and rushing to beat crazy crowds.


What kind of Advent/Christmas preparations are happening in your household? 

6 Thoughts on “Quietly Preparing

  1. I love your idea to buy Christmas gifts before Advent! I may have to get working on that these next couple of weeks. That way you don’t have to worry about inventory running out or shipping deadlines, either. Do you have family that you mail gifts to? Do you mail them before Advent? Or keep them in a closet and mail them a few days before Christmas?

    • It’s true, it takes off the stress of whether some will be in stock come the holidays and whether they will arrive on time. My family all lives locally which is a huge help, but I think if I had family that lived out of town to mail to, I would just send them early. The mail seems to be slower and slower these days.

  2. Yes, same here too. We’re keeping it super simple this year and doing our wrapped books again and possibly chocolate calendars. I’ve also started my gift list and am working through that…hopefully I’ll be mostly finished by December. It’s so nice to actually enjoy Advent without that over your head!

  3. I am not ready for Christmas at all! So much to do, so little time!

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