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I’m sure I’ve already mentioned Evelyn’s obsession with trains and pumpkins. And it has not died down one bit. Recently, we discovered a privately owned train in West Sac that during the month of October gives rides to a pumpkin farm. We could not pass up that opportunity!

out the train

This past Saturday, we joined Steve’s parents, his sister and her husband and kids, and Steve’s Uncle Steve and Aunt Cheryl for a little ride alongside the river to Uncle Ray’s Pumpkin Farm.

Evey on train

We dressed Evey appropriately for the occasion in her pink conductor hat which she loves to wear gangsta-style. She was beaming ear-to-ear the second we pulled up to load onto the train and didn’t stop the whole day.

Lucie wore her pumpkin beanie to ward off the chilly breeze as we rode along on the open-air train.

mama and L

L eyes

Along the way, we were serenaded by a gentleman from Nebraska who sang us train-related songs, like “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain” and “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”. There may have been a little Jonny Cash thrown in there at times too.

music on the train


A crew of friendly scarecrows sang along and, at one point, took all the kids to one of the train cars for a fun story time. Evelyn gave it her all learning each of the hand motions they taught the kids to go along with the stories.

E and L

Eventually, we disembarked at the pumpkin patch, each in search of the perfect pumpkin.


got one!

The hay ride there also was a hit, as well as a little straw maze for the kids to make their way through. We opted out of the corn maze for fear of getting lost inside and missing our train ride back.

D in the maze

yay for large pumpkins

Our sack lunches hit the spot, especially Aunt Nancy’s tasty pumpkin bars, a perfect treat for the occasion. Afterwards, we jumped back on the train for the ride back, kicking back as we listened to more tunes by our guitar-strummer and felt the cool breeze off the river nearby.

E and the train

Loading back into our cars, we were surprised only half the day had passed as the activities felt as if they filled a entire day. Time for naps!

2 Thoughts on “Pumpkin Train

  1. Laura Rose on October 24, 2014 at 2:36 pm said:

    Totally adorable. It all looks like an awesome experience. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice train ride, too (especially when it goes to a pumpkin patch!)?

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