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Our Newest Addition

Since our latest post (which happened WAY TOO long ago), we’ve added a new addition to our family.

Meet Lucie Marie. She’s just as precious as can be!

sleeping beauty Lucie

And, so far, not really an ounce like her sister. Is this good or bad? šŸ˜‰

But they are already becoming fast friends. <3 Evelyn loves to spend time with Lucie and help me care for her. She brings diapers and wipes whenever the words are even hinted at. She rocks Lucie’s little seat to comfort her when she is crying. She brings over her lot of stuffed animals to entertain Lucie. And pretends to give her stamps on her hands with her wooden puzzle pieces. It is so dear when Evelyn comes close and gives Lucie a kiss on her little head — my mama heart just melts.

sister friends


Stephen has been hard at work both with his job at CalSTRS and maintaining his school work load for his MPA. Not to mention all that he does to help me at home! We were blessed with his presence for two, full weeks at home after I had little Lucie. It was a hard adjustment sending him back to work, for me and the girls. We certainly got accustomed to having him around all day.

I’m slowly adjusting to being a mommy of two. I love being home with my girls (although, there are definitely trying days). I thank God every day that I have the opportunity to be here with them. I have much to share on that front but I’ll keep it short for now. šŸ™‚


I’ve been aching to get back on here and write more often. I have several friends who do much better than I at keeping up with their blogs, and it’s really starting to inspire me to make more of a habit out of this. I’m going to start with small goals — a weekly post — and see what comes of it. You may even hear from me more often. (And, perhaps, we can get Steve to chime in here every once and while too! ;))

We love to hear from you!

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