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Our Little Busy Bee

I haven’t been keeping up well with these monthly update posts. Truth be told, my little active darling has a lot to do with that. 😉

wrinkle face grin

We are LOVING to watch her personality blossom day by day. She’s recently started to make this grin where she wrinkles up her nose and squints her eyes. It’s adorable. Much like this.

Sometimes she does it with her little tongue poking out. Where does she learn these things?? 🙂

riding on daddy's shoulders

Evelyn recently took a spin on Daddy’s shoulders for the first time while we were at the park the other morning. She loved riding high!

Evey & mixer

One of her favorite places to be is standing against the mixer. I gave her some mini spatulas, too, which she loves to carry around. I think we may have another baker on our hands.

cookbook exploration

She’s standing up against everything now. {Yes, we are in the cookbook section of the bookstore…what’d you expect?} 😉

standing alone

And there may have been a little showing off the other day — standing alone!

She actually took some steps by mistake too but hasn’t repeated it. I say by mistake because she usually sits down to crawl when she wants to get to a new place. I kind of tricked her into it by standing her up about a foot or two from me and she leaned forward to fall into my arms but stepped twice in the process. 🙂

music anyone?

I will often turn on music as we go about our day. Evey likes to stop and bop her head to the beat. The other day, she was having trouble deciding what she wanted to listen to…..

Evey at the piano

She likes to make some of her own music, too. One of her favorite things to do at Gram’s house is to play all those present a concert on the piano.

splashing away in the heat

Splashing away the day in her little pool is her favorite way to beat this summertime heat. {She’s not a fan of 100 degree days.}


Water is a sure friend. She comes crawling quickly down the hall whenever she hears me filling the bathtub.

outta here!@

And just like her parents, she loves the outdoors. Miss Independent has been crawling her way out the door now to let me know it’s time to play outside!

One Thought on “Our Little Busy Bee

  1. Gram on July 18, 2013 at 7:44 pm said:

    Great photos and writing Laurel! I sure enjoy your blog!

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