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Our Triumph, Our Joy

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The triumph of life over death is where we find our JOY as Christians. Christ has conquered death through His rising from the grave!

The sin and evil in the world is nothing compared with the love of our God. We know that despite the hardships we face, there is joy in the suffering, for it will not have the final say. Glory will come in the morning.

Let us proclaim Christ’s resurrection when His light illuminates the darkest moments of our existence and we are able to share it with others; when we know how to smile with those who smile, and weep with those who weep; when we walk alongside those who are sad and at risk of losing hope; when we recount our experience of faith to those who are in search of meaning and happiness. With our attitude, our witness, our life, we say: Jesus is risen! We say this with all our soul. … Easter is the event that brought radical newness to every human being, for history and for the world: it is the triumph of life over death; it is the celebration of reawakening and regeneration. Let our existence be conquered and transformed by the Resurrection!  ~Pope Francis, Regina Coeli Address, Easter 2015

We must be a witness to this joy of the resurrection in our own lives, leading others to see that Christ will overcome the darkness of pain and suffering in their lives. He will carry us through and revivify us after our sorrow.

There is hope for tomorrow. 

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