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One More to Go Before the Big 3-0

Over this past week, we celebrated my birthday. (You should be able to tell by the title how old I turned.) 😉

Evelyn and I went down with some of my family to the de Young Museum located in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco that day.

bay bridge

golden gate park

caleb, sadi and evelyn - golden gate park

There was a special exhibit of Dutch paintings from one of the museums in the Netherlands currently under renovation, most notably Vermeer’s The Girl with the Pearl Earring.

de young museum

courtyard - de young

de young - girl with pearl earring

It is often referred to as the Dutch Mona Lisa, and quite honestly, I felt the same about it when I saw it as I did about the Mona Lisa — don’t understand all the hype about it. (The Mona Lisa‘s claim to fame is that it was the first painting to use the technique chiaroscuro — not sure about The Girl with the Pearl Earring.) Well, actually, I slightly preferred it to the Mona Lisa, which is something because I’m not usually all that enthralled with the Dutch artists. As someone mentioned while we were walking through the exhibit, their works are rather dark. I did enjoy the exhibit, however. It had some of my favorite still lifes.

girl with a pearl earring

Unfortunately, our trip was cut short as we had to be back in time for dinner. We had only just arrived at 1pm, so leaving at 3 was not particularly enthralling. Even though we didn’t have to be back until 7pm, we were heading out of the city early in order to beat the traffic. That was an epic failure. Not only did we fail to beat the traffic (apparently it starts early on Fridays), but Evelyn was very unhappy being locked into her car seat for over 4 hours. We stopped once so I could feed her but it wasn’t enough. She wanted OUT. I couldn’t blame her.

driving to Sf

We walked through the door shortly after 7 to a fantastic meal prepared by my husband. It was such a wonderful, welcoming sight. 🙂 He prepared pureed cauliflower with garlic and chives, blistered asparagus, and stuffed asiago chicken. So good! (I wish I had taken pictures but I was too hungry and tired to think of it at the time.)

birthday carnations

And in the center of the table was a beautiful arrangement of my favorites — carnations.

Wonderful end to a rather long day. 🙂

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