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One month!

We’ve reached the one month milestone. It is incredible how much Evelyn has grown each day! Every day her personality is a little more revealed, she becomes slightly more alert and attentive, and comes closer and closer to filling out her bassinet.

Evelyn is completely infatuated with lights. Being born near Christmastime was rather fortuitous as she has plenty of opportunity to catch a glimpse of twinkling lights. We sit for hours every day staring up at the lights sparkling on the Christmas tree. It’s her favorite thing to do at 4 am right now. I’m trying to convince her there are better times of the day to do such things….

She’s recently discovered her tongue and loves to sit with Daddy flicking her tongue in and out of her mouth at him. He responds in kind. She’s also inherited the trait of being able to roll her tongue like a hot dog. 🙂

We’ve taken her on a couple walks but she doesn’t stay awake long once we get moving. I hope she enjoys being outdoors as much as Mommy and Daddy do. I certainly anticipate many hours at the park with her in the future as she loves to MOVE!

I’ve been attempting to coordinate a nap or two of hers with getting a few things done, but she loves to be right alongside Mommy (or Daddy, but he’s at work during the day) at all times. I recently introduced her to the Ergobaby when we’ve been out and about. She was all smiles the first time I put her inside and enjoys the close snuggles. I’m going to try her inside to get a few chores done here soon.

Right now, I’m typing this one-handed as I hold her in the other. (I’m getting better at this every day! ;)) She started off napping right next to me on the couch, but I could only satisfy her with that for so long….

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  1. Really sweet photos! Thanks for posting them, Gram

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