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Of water heaters and to-do lists.


This day has flown by at a rapid clip. Stephen and I made a to-do list yesterday afternoon as we were beginning to feel overwhelmed in the face of what the next 24 hours held.

Saturday evening I went in to give Evelyn a bath and found that the faucet would not produce warm water. Walked out into the garage to find it flooded and the water heater making a strange sound, like tea kettle would if you had allowed all the water to boil out of the pot. Steve quickly shut off the water main to stop the leak.

E bath{This was taken on a different day. I didn’t torture her with a cold water bath.}

Facing the prospect of a weekend sans water, we called around to see if we could get some help that night. Seems not many plumbers like to work on weekend nights. I can’t say I blame them.

We finally found someone to come assess the situation and possibly replace the water heater at 9 the next morning. Around 8:30, Steve found a message saying that the manager informed the workman who was to come to our house that they no longer serviced our area. Guess he didn’t get the memo.

Back to the drawing board on a Sunday morning.

We looked more local and a nice man by the name of Dave was able to stop by to look at it. Turns out our suspicions were correct: the bottom had rusted out. Thankfully, he was able to shut off the water flow into the heater so we could at least have cold water in the house. (However, we decided to forgo the penance and showered at Steve’s parents, but it was certainly nice to be able to flush toilets!) He scheduled a return for the following morning with a decent water heater (apparently, Home Depot doesn’t sell the good ones so we had to wait for the service center to open on Monday) to fix us up with hot water.

We are now the proud owners of a new 40 gallon water heater that, I swear, ups the water pressure on all our taps. That’s a definite perk.

We also had him install a gas line for the gas dryer that has been sitting in our garage since we moved in, 1+ year ago. We’re hoping that takes our utility bill down a notch.

resting with daddy

Other highlights of our to-do list included: clean leaves out of the gutters, mow the lawn, wash dishes, attend a concert (not all these things are chores!), finish up a magazine article Steve was writing, write thank you notes for gifts given to Lucie ages ago, fix car battery (that has been a rather involved process), move couches (postponed), and write up items on craigslist. (….and many more!) All of which was done in between diaper changes, feeding babies, napping them, cleaning up spit up and keeping the girls entertained. That’s a to-do list in and of itself.

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  1. Hello, stopping by from Currently. Oh my goodness, that must have been awful to not have water! So glad you got it fixed though 🙂

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