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My Domestic Mission {Blessed is She}

“I am a missionary. Yet, I have never been on a mission.

I live out my mission each day in my home.

Missionary work calls us to give of ourselves to those in need. Some of the neediest ones I have right before me every day. My little ones require food, clean bodies, education, entertainment. They require my attention, my affection, my affirmation, my heart.”

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Sharing my thoughts on my ‘missionary’ work at the Blessed is She blog this week.

2 Thoughts on “My Domestic Mission {Blessed is She}

  1. Thanks for the reminder that being a mom is to be a missionary and to be truly living the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

    • I think it really helps when our work seems rather monotonous to be reminded that it is GOOD work and as vitally important as missionary work abroad. 🙂

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