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My Baby is 2

E the pooh

Happy Birthday, my dear, sweet Evelyn!

My precious girl — now 2!

polka dot princess

green team

Always striving for the next big thing. You couldn’t wait to stand. From the day you were born, trying in your isolette while the nurse was attempting to measure you. Now, you run, chassé, jump, spin like you were born for such movement. I suppose you were.

in bucket

building blocks

You made me a mama (mimi). I will never forget that day. Ready to spring right into this world!


Your sweet sass delights us all. I am so proud of the little lady you are becoming. You know how to make us laugh…and just at that moment when you know we will explode. We melt.

at CalSTRS

pillow flops

with Gram

photo 2(11)

You are a great big sister. I have never seen anyone with such a big heart. You care greatly for your sister. You can’t stand to see her upset. You rush to her side to make it all better.


hanging out

I couldn’t imagine all of these wonderful adventures I’ve had with you and I can’t imagine the ones to come. I so look forward to these moments I have with you.

on my back

photo 3(9)

You are my little Love Bug.


Much Love,



***Several of these photos courtesy of Gram.***

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