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Evelyn has been the greatest trooper throughout this move.

In fact, she’s been more and more on the move since we began earlier this week. Since Mommy’s been busy, she’s been happy exploring and learning how to better get into things on her own.

busy 1

busy 2

First pull to a stand on her own!!

busy 3

busy 4

busy 4

Making sure I didn’t forget anything on the shelf.

busy 6

Doorstops = best toy ever!!!

busy 7

Over the past week, we’ve been waking up in our new home and enjoying some playtime together before heading down the road to pack up and clean the apartment for the day.

good morning!

We love all the extra open space. And Evey especially loves the large mirrors in our bedroom where she interacts with ‘the baby in the mirror’.





She loves to give wide, open-mouthed kisses. 😉


Making sure to stay hydrated!!!


3 Thoughts on “Moving….

  1. She looks just about as active as your little princess. 🙂 And congrats on the house, that’s exciting!

  2. I meant to say “our” little princess, lol.

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