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We were fortunate to spend a little time a couple weeks ago a month ago (I’m SO not on top of things these days) with my family in a large house in Truckee. We don’t get everyone together too often so it is nice when we have the opportunity. {Although we were still missing two of my brothers who live in So Cal. 🙁 }


Raphy in Reno

Reno Aug 2014 2

We drove up to Reno one evening to visit a good friend of my father whom all of us children have known since birth.

Reno - Owen

Rosie and Teresa - Reno


A wonderful BBQ was enjoyed, a bit of badminton played, and a baby passed around.

Owen - badminton

Gabe and Raphy - badminton

Mommy and Son

Kathleen and Lucie

Daddy and Lucie


Lucie in Reno

They had some amazing hammocks which everyone had to test out.


tickles!Great for capturing someone to tickle!!

My parents rented a wonderfully spacious house where we were able to spread out. {Sadly, I didn’t take more photos of the place.} The four of us had one room to ourselves where we were able to relax at night.

sleeping on the floor

It was definitely a week for catching up with longtime friends too. My mom’s college friends stopped by the house on their way back down home from the mountains to visit for a bit. We went to the brewery in town for lunch and brews.

with aunt teresa

my loves

To end our short trip, we headed to the lake near Steve’s parents’ cabin for a quick swim and to soak up some sun.

motor boat

 Motorboat, motorboat, go so FAST>>>>>>> oh, she loves this!


 Daddy teaching Evey how to splash Uncle Raphy properly.

Serene Lake

 Beautiful day for some time at the lake!

Sunning herself

 The beauty soaking up the sun after a swim in the cold lake.

Lucie with Grandpa

 Lucie hanging with her Grandpa. <3

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