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Moments {Vol. 9}


We found a bubble wand at Target this week that makes a phenomenal amount of bubbles in one go.

The girls were having a blast chasing them while Daddy was cooking dinner at the BBQ.


We’re back at ballet after a couple months hiatus. She’s still in love.

They had a substitute teacher this week and she was very enthusiastic. 🙂 {She’s wearing my old leotard and shoes now.}


I’m trying to grow a small cut flower garden in the corner of the yard this year, so Evey helped me throw down some seeds during Lucie’s nap time one morning.


I think we have another soccer fan on our hands. She was born during the World Cup last year, after all.


She ventured off the cement into the unknown the other day. It was funny watching her little, wobbly steps as she gained freedom into the rest of the yard.


Lucie’s idea of helping in the garden is plucking the flowers off the plants one by one. We’ll just call her Babyzilla.


This weekend has brought some crazy, stormy weather. The thunderclouds rolled in on Friday night with some awesome lightening. {The last time we had one there was a tree between those two tall ones at the end of the road that got zapped and split in half!}


Enough rain came down that there was still standing water in the morning. What a blessing for California!


A sweet Sunday morning treat at one of our favorite breakfast spots in Folsom.


Lucie is always happy to be outside and adventuring!


We also stopped in to an authentic London pub in Old Folsom for a beer and pretzel.


Lucie got some tickles….

kissesAnd mama got some kisses. 🙂

4 Thoughts on “Moments {Vol. 9}

  1. You are in my neck of the woods — Folsom. I an in Yuba City. The kids look so happy. What great childhood memories they are making.

  2. You could have titled this bubbles, ballet and beer 😉 Great combination. Little girls are so much fun.

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