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Moments {Vol. 5}

I was a bit MIA this past week with all the holiday festivities….here’s a bit of what was happening.

mommy-daughter date
Evey and I snuck away for a mimi-daughter date last weekend. It’s very important to me that she doesn’t feel neglected despite all the attention that I must give Lucie these days. She loves going out for little treats at “the mermaid” {Starbucks}. Fills my heart up too. <3

royal selfie

Lucie got some special mommy time this past week too {thanks to my awesome brothers and wonderful MIL!}. We went down to San Francisco to see the Houghton Hall exhibit at the Legion of Honor. There were beautiful artifacts on display from an English manor house à la Downton Abbey. We snapped a photo in this gorgeous mirror in honor of all the lords and ladies who had viewed themselves within it.

do you want to build a snowman

Evelyn has been rather obsessed with snowmen lately. I think I mentioned that she was heartbroken after reading The Snowman and finding that he melted at the end. We’re doing our darndest to fix this childhood trauma. Steve’s latest attempt was to build her this snowman out of paper towels, tape and a popsicle stick. She’s been bringing it to bed ever since. 🙂

grilling the turkey 1

grilling the turkey 2

Turkey Day was wonderful in every way. We had a quiet evening at home. Steve cooked the bird on the grill which fantastically  left the oven free for me to cook the other additions.  We had a wonderful array of foods we feasted on…and will be for the next week or so. 😉

listening to carolers

The evening after Thanksgiving we went up to Grass Valley for the opening night of the Cornish Christmas festival. We feasted on Cornish pasties and hot chocolate (with whipped cream, of course!). Evey enjoyed the carolers and is still talking about them.

Lucie goosie

Lucie, our outgoing, little extrovert, refused to be fed as she preferred to engage with the passerby.

whipped cream in the mouth

And speaking of hot chocolate and whipped cream, we enjoyed some again {not complaining} this weekend as we watched our newest Christmas film. One of our Christmas traditions is watching a new (to us) Christmas movie while wearing our new Christmas pajamas. Hot chocolate while viewing just heightened the experience. It will have to be added on in the future.

new kitchen!

Christmas came a wee bit early for Evey this year. A friend of mine was selling this kitchen set for a song as her daughter has outgrown it, and we jumped on it! This girl loves to bake so hopefully this will fulfill some of her need to be in the kitchen when it is difficult for me to involve her in what I’m doing.

sleep striking

And this one. She used to be such a good sleeper but has now thrown me for a loop. Ever since she began to discover the world around her, no longer is she interested in sleeping at night. We have regular conversation (loud squuuuuealing!) every morning sometime starting between 2 and 4, and she usually goes back to sleep once everyone else begins to get up. Needless to say, I’m a bit blurry-eyed and fuzzy brained-right now. Tips for ending this madness??

6 Thoughts on “Moments {Vol. 5}

  1. No tips for the sleep-deprivation, but I have to say, it really helps that babies are so cute in those wee hours 😉 Otherwise, I don’t know, man, it would totally be the pits.
    We’re giving Annie some kitchen-y things this Christmas too, and I just can’t wait! She’s been stealing my bowls and things for months – any tips on ways to involve her in real cooking? So far I’ve only let her shake dry ingredients in a Ziploc bag! lol

    • I have a post in the works for cooking/baking with young children, but one thing that Evelyn really loves to do is pour ingredients and stir when I’m baking cookies/muffins/pancakes/etc. It really makes her feel like she’s involved in the process! 🙂 Annie’s going to love her kitchen-y gifts!

  2. Have you tried sand snowmen? We also got Grace kinetic sand for her birthday. Super cool!

  3. Meghan on December 4, 2014 at 2:37 pm said:

    Get that lil’extrovert tired! That is the only thing that helped Daniel sleep long and well. It hopefully is just a stage she is going through right now…
    That is such a cute kitchen!! I bet Evey loves it!
    Can’t wait to hang out soon….we miss you gals!!

    • You know, Meg, that is exactly what came to mind yesterday…tire her out! I’ve been spending extra time playing with her, taking her for walks, etc. so that she gets in enough stimulation each day. We’re going to keep that up! 🙂
      Can’t wait to see you too!

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