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Moments {Vol. 3}

After a weekend of much-needed downtime, we’ve been busy, busy here the past few days. Evelyn’s birthday is coming up this weekend and we’re all about having an extended celebration throughout the week. Yesterday, we took the train with Steve down to Sacramento and spent the entire day out and about. Talk about one, tired mama here this morning. {It reminded me how wonderfully out of shape I am. :(}

Taking some time to rest in the moments of our lives here the past few weeks.

sliding EOn a day I was just at the end of my tether, I made the last bit of effort I could muster to join my friend at the park for our Moms’ Group get together. It was just us and our babes, and she made the whole day better. She talked me out of my frustrations and played with my girl on the slides while I got off my feet for a few minutes. It was such a blessing.

sleeping LAlthough she’s a good sleeper, she likes the Rock N Play just a bit too much. We’ve been {barely} working at getting her to transition into the Pack N Play, and she’s fighting us the whole way. {This day she took a long nap of 3 hours, but that was just a fluke, apparently.}

photo 1(11)

A family dinner at the new table and benches made my brother, Gabe. {He’s the one looking toward the camera.}

D's birthdayWe celebrated the birthday of Lucie’s godfather with apple crisp and a candle.

dance partyCousin dance party ensued at the end of dinner.

L's danceWe’re still loving dance. I think she wakes up every morning hoping it is Thursday. I love her enthusiasm. 🙂

tomatoThis, folks, is a tomato. Not a bun. A tomato. She likes to point out other people’s tomatoes when we’re out and about, and asks for one her own. But that’s not happening anytime soon.

cozy on the couchWe had our dear friends over for a bbq last weekend. It was one of the first cold days of autumn here in California so cozying up with blankets on the couch was a popular choice.

apple pieApple pie was a must. It was a proper Fall dinner with slow-cooked bbq pork ribs, roasted squash, and this beauty for dessert.

"cake"Evey’s imaginative play is just blossoming right now. She’s been making “cake” out of cookie cutters and serving it to me on a plate. She’s taken to her mama’s passion for baking.

on the shelfApparently, her own bed is unsatisfactory. Or maybe she would like to live in a treehouse.

boppy time

We started on top of the Boppy but with our wiggling and trying to sit up….

boppy time 2…we ended up down here. And not too happy about the situation.

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