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Moments {Vol. 2}

A handful {or two} of blessed moments from this past week or so….

train Evey and daddy

 A little vacation to the sea {a more detailed post to come…} led us to this wonderful train that delighted Evelyn to no end, of course.

mama and Lucie train

Lucie and I enjoying the ride too.

starlet Evey

 Our little starlet wrapped in the hotel-provided robe on her way to her evening swim.


 Digging at the beach.

Lucie beach

 The littlest one enjoying the ocean air.


 Hanging out in the hotel.

sleeping with pooh

A most precious sight — sleeping with her friend.

quiet moment

 A few quiet moments stolen while my best friend watches the kiddoes.

up and down

 Riding the ‘up and down’ at the zoo.

Owen and Evey

 A rocking chair ride with cousin Owen and slightly nervous about the whole thing.

watching the game with dada

 Watching the USC – Stanford game with Daddy.

Lucie cake

 The outfit that inspired Evey’s new nickname — Lucie-cake.

homegrown tomato soup

 Tomato soup homemade with homegrown tomatoes fresh from the garden.

sick girl

Although she’s feeling under the weather, you would never know it! 😉

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