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Moments {Vol. 1}

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Yes, obsessed with the ceiling fans. It’s a good time of year for that.

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This bassinet has been in Steve’s family for over 50 years. I’m not remembering exactly but I think Lucie is about number 40 or so to inhabit it. (Evelyn used it, too, when she was little.)

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Finally(!) we are beginning to see red tomatoes! Steve and I ate these two last night and they were every bit juicy and delicious. I’m especially looking forward to basil, mozzarella, and tomato salads — one of my favorite dishes.

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We joined some friends for Wee Ones Wednesday in Roseville last week. Evey was having a blast  playing with the mini-hula hoops.

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And, of course, she was a fan of the splash pad. 🙂

photo 5

The dot art was a perfect activity for little hands.

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This is how I wake up most mornings — sandwiched in between the two of them. They leave little room for their mama, but I don’t mind the cuddles too much. 😉

photo 1-3

Sometimes we barely make it to the end of lunch before our head hits the tray. This day she was attempting to use the chair next to her as a headrest while she munched the remainder of her sandwich.

photo 1-4

Oh how I love this wrap! And so does our little Lucie. Her favorite place to rest is right against my chest and this makes it possible hands-free.

photo 4-4

A sign of summer — the gin and tonic. One of our favorite hot weather drinks.  (We are huge fans of this French gin.)

2 Thoughts on “Moments {Vol. 1}

  1. Oh we have an old family heirloom bassinet as well! The baby is too big for it already so it never came out this time around. PS. LOVE looking around your blog! Hi, Steve!

    • She was only able to fit for a couple weeks. Babies must have been smaller back when they were made!
      Thanks for stopping by, Nell! Steve returns your greetings! 🙂

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