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I’m Laurel. I’m the voice behind most of the posts here. {Although, from time to time you may hear from Steve!} I’ve been a Muff for a little over 3 years now, having joined the family February 4, 2012. My husband, Stephen, is my best friend and rock in all things. He is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me. Someday I’ll have to share the story of us meeting, falling in love, and getting hitched. {So much to write, so little time!} I’m mama {or Mimi, as Evelyn likes to call me} to two precious girls. I am blessed to be at home with them every day. We keep busy with shenanigans in the kitchen, running around the park, singing at loud volumes, dancing until we can’t stand up, and any and all arts and crafts projects we can muster up. My favorite activities include learning new knitting patterns, hiking in the hills, enjoying a cup of tea with friends or a good book, creating in the kitchen, and spending as much time as possible with my husband.


asjalogolink01Stephen is currently breadwinner. He works full-time at a job about an hour from our home. He recently graduated from the University of Southern California’s Master of Public Administration program with an emphasis in Nonprofit Management. {Fight on!!!} I’m so proud of him! He is an amazing husband and father. He still manages to take many moments throughout his day to tickle the girls and kiss his wife. A few spare minutes find him typing out freelance writing projects or working on fluency in one language or another. And he may or may not have inherited an affinity for pipes and scotch from his grandfather. {I’d go with the former.}

bubble fun

Evelyn is our first-born, and it shows. 🙂 She loves to organize, care for her younger sister, and help mama with chores. She has a great love for trains, pumpkins and Pooh Bear. She is two and a half and full of all that sass that goes along with that year. Her favorite pasttime is reading. {She doesn’t really read but, boy, it’s hard to tell with the attentiveness she gives each page!} She dances, sings, and is about as full of joy as one can possibly muster.


Lucie joined us about 19 months after Evey. She is the opposite in just about every way. With her laid back attitude, she is happy chillin’ with her toys while others go about their day around her. Her grin can make a gray sky blue. And she has a squeal that could break glass. She’s quick on her knees and does her best to keep up with her sister. Bathtime and strawberries are her favorites.

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  1. I cannot get over the fact that you can still JUMP while pregnant in that top picture! Never a skill I’ve been able to acquire 😛

  2. I LOVE reading your posts Laurel. Thank you!

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