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Lucie at 6 Months

going for a walk

This past month Lucie has been both the biggest delight and the meanest ogre. Smiles for day, unless one of those horrible teeth is attempting to pop through. Then, it would be screams for days…and nights.

L and mama

She’s slightly mobile having figured out her uncle, Ethan’s, trick of rolling across the floor to get to things. She’s quite the pro and can go across the living room in about 5 seconds flat! {Watch out for those computer cords!} She’s currently rolled herself over to the bookcase and is attempting to teeth on the side of it since tugging the large coffee table books off the shelf wasn’t working out too well for her.

L roll

She gets up on her hands and knees quite well but nearly always ends up on her face or scooted backwards under some piece of furniture.

under the bed

She’s nearly mastered the side sit from a crawl before the full upright sit. Maybe they’ll come together simultaneously. She is sitting pretty well with the Boppy.

Boppy sit

Her feature move is the tippy-toe plank which rivals those of the greatest gym rats.

L planks

She knows who “mamamama” and “dadadada” are and uses those words to turn on the charm at 3 o’clock in the morning when she is ready to party.

L and dada

Her favorite time is bath time where she would like me to leave her all day, despite the fact her skin may dry out and shrivel up like a prune. We’ve started to, cautiously, place the two girls in the tub together which results in double the splashes and giggles. Lucie doesn’t mind having her face completely soaked.

bathtime with E and L

She’s sprouted 4 teeth — two lower, two upper. They made her inconsolable each day/night they came through, but the raging fire of a temper died down with their emergence.

monster baby

She goes from zero to 60 at the drop of a hat, but will just as swiftly calm down. But watch out(!!) when that temper flares.

so mad

We’ve tried a few solids — bananas {not a fan}, avocado {yum!}, applesauce {mama’s gotta warm it up!} — but she’s still having trouble swallowing without choking on it.

skeptical of solids

spoon tricks

Her favorite toy is the wooden box with spiral beads. She’ll sit for a good half hour playing with it. Everything else tends to get pushed so far away that she ends up frustrated.

L and toysBut, then, there is always “the baby in the mirror.”

baby in the mirror

The only other thing that really captures her attention is a soccer ball. She likes to sit in Boppy while I toss a small, soft one into her lap. She’s not too bad at catching and tossing herself. The interest is no surprise as she has a daddy and uncles who are thoroughly obsessed. And she was born in the midst of the World Cup. It was all we watched the first ten days of her life.

L soccer game

The girls are becoming fast friends and it is so fun to watch them interact. I’m so happy they have each other.


Our late visit to the doctor yesterday revealed a healthy 17 lbs, 12 oz girl of 27.5 inches.

Stanford baby

We’re almost at the 7 month mark so I better hit publish quick!

out for a walk

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  1. Kayleigh on January 17, 2015 at 2:22 pm said:

    too soon! I can’t believe it! Aaaaaand, I still miss you! 🙂

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