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Lucie at 4 Months

holding my Lucie

Hanging out at the park with Lucie’s godbrother.

And just like that, she’s another month older.

upside down

We went in for Lucie’s 4-month check-up yesterday that included those nasty immunizations. To be honest, I was more worried about Evelyn freaking out than Lucie. Evey cares deeply about her sister and gets very concerned when she is upset. The nurse and I did our best to distract Evey, telling her that Lucie was receiving medicine {which was easy to buy as the first was a liquid she had to swallow}. There was a little toddler chair in the corner, perfect for Evey to hang out, and she did well sitting there. When the pokes came, Lucie got upset, but only momentarily. She’s one tough cookie!! When she gets hurt, she typically is more angry about the situation than anything. She makes this little angry yell, letting you know she is displeased. It’s actually rather cute. 😉 The nurse quickly whipped out a sticker for Evey and she hardly noticed her sister being upset. Good deal for her: a visit to the doctor without having to be seen and getting a sticker without suffering any injury herself.

L immunizations

Lucie is now a healthy 15 lbs 6 oz. I forgot to ask what her height was, although the nurse noted that she was in the 88 percentile. She’s already moving out of the 6 month clothes with that long torso!


She’s improving her grasp each day. She especially loves her Sophie giraffe and crinkly butterfly toys. The bouncy chair with the hanging animals is also a huge hit with her. I can usually distract her long enough to cook dinner with that arrangement.

L bouncer


The girls are becoming fast friends. Evelyn loves to get Lucie to giggle at her and it isn’t hard to do. Lucie loves the attention from her older sister.

pumpkin heads

playing together

Lucie’s biggest grins she still reserves for Daddy. When she spots him after walking in from work in the evening, she always grins from ear to ear. I know it makes his day after a long workday. 🙂


{I know this is with me, but this is normally what is reserved for daddy. I just happened to capture it on film here. :)}

Currently, we are working on our roll-overs, tummy time push-ups and sitting up. {Lots to do!} She’s much more laid back about these things than Evey was. {For Evey, it was more like a race to the finish line!}

L sitting

Lucie is very affectionate. She gives hugs when you pull her up to your shoulder and loves to burying her face into your neck. And to hug her little Bunny. <3

sleepy head

I think she might be a thumb-sucker. She likes to gnaw on it when it finds its way into her mouth. She’ll often comfort herself, too, by inserting as many fingers as she can get into her mouth. {Which sometimes becomes hazardous, as she chokes herself, pushing them too far in!}

with Pooh

We’re looking forward to celebrating Lucie’s first holidays these next few months. First Christmases are especially memorable!

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  1. Kayleigh on October 28, 2014 at 7:53 pm said:

    Love the update! The pictures are super cute! Her big giant grin is the best! Hope to visit soon!

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