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Lucie at 3 Months


Our sweet Lucie is showing more and more of her true colors every day.


I just love to watch children’s personalities develop. She and Evelyn are so different. Like night and day.

E and L

Lucie’s happy to take her own sweet time. Evey can’t stop moving. Lucie likes to sleep. Evey likes to get by on as little sleep as possible. Lucie will drift off to sleep if she’s tired. Evey will not fall asleep unless someone is sitting right next to her, holding her hand. Lucie gives daddy the biggest grins whenever he comes near her. Evey was content to stay with mommy when she was an infant, thank you very much. {She’s much more into daddy now.}


Currently, Lucie is trying to perfect her grabbing skills. With each day, she is becoming more adept at grabbing onto an object held close by.

happy L

She also loves to sit in the bouncy seat and bat at the animals dangling from above. {I haven’t taken out the playmat for her yet, but I should. I’ll bet she would be a fan.}

bouncy seat

She likes to respond when spoken to and will give a long “explanation” of whatever is on her mind. She also makes this sound that sounds like caterwauling. It can get really old, really fast. I try to do a little distracting when we get on that kick.

photo 1(3)

The word “funny” is absolutely hilarious to her. If you say, “Is that so funny?” to her, she will burst into giggles. It is the one thing that will get a laugh out of her every time.

L sleeping

She loves to be around other people when awake, but prefers quiet when she is sleeping.


photo 2{Except this one time she fell asleep on the floor, despite her sister playing right next to her with a rather noisy toy.}

Rolling over is the number one goal right now, which she diligently practices when placed on her back. Also, sometimes, when she is propped upright, but that doesn’t turn out so well for her.

rolling over

roll over struggles

Lucie’s been attempting backflips over the back of the boppy when she’s bored. As much as she likes the fan spinning, it’s even more fun to watch upside down.

boppy backflip

boppy backflip 2

Her favorite place is outside. There is nothing more interesting and calming to her than watching the trees swaying in the breeze.

Lucie wrap

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