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Linking up with the fabulous Bonnie at A Knotted Life {who has some wonderful news of her own to share!!!}. She’s filling in for Kelly this week.

4th of July

One) We had a wonderful time celebrating 4th of July at Steve’s parents’ newly-renovated cabin up in the Sierras. No fireworks due to the dryness and heat of California, but the sunset that evening was better than any fireworks display I’ve seen. Thanks, God, for the show! I am planning on writing a longer post about our trip sometime this coming week. I promise lots of pictures! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Two) On our way down the mountain, about 15 miles from home, our radiator hose blew on the car. Fortunately, we were rescued by AAA and our fathers. They were joking that we should other places to hold family get-togethers. The car was out of commission for a few days in the shop which made life interesting as we are currently a one-car family, but we had lots of help from family. {Thank you!!} Our other vehicle was towed to the shop today after sitting outside in front of the house for about a year now completely unusable. There is some sort of electrical problem which thus far hasn’t been properly diagnosed. Hoping this time is the charm.


Three) We are gearing up to celebrate a little lady on Sunday who turned ONE last month. The weekends fill up fast in the summer and we had so much going on we had to put it off for a bit. Not a problem, though, because we are having the mildest weather right now–perfect for an outdoor party!

Four) I’ve been busting my buns on the yard lately, getting our garden cleared of that horrendous Bermuda grass {STILL a work in progress} and planting a few things. We got tomatoes, bell peppers, and sunflowers down in the main garden. I also put in pots: radishes, arugula, and several herbs {but the only ones that sprouted were the basil}. We still have an empty bed and I think Steve’s going to put in some cucumbers for pickling. He made some amazing pickled radishes a little while ago so I’m encouraging him to keep that hobby up.


Five) On that note, I am so happy it is tomato season {and happy it was theย basil that came up}. We’ve been making some fantastic salads this week, perfect for hot summer nights. We had this gazpacho panzanella which had the most perfect lemony zing to it and this warm bread salad with salmon. {I’ll share our version with you soon as we did it a little differently.} And while you’re at it, bookmark Food 52 {where these came from} because it always has the most wonderful collection of seasonal recipes around {drinks included}.

Six) Keep thinking and thinking about my photography. I got a subscription to Clickin’ Moms {both online and mag} and I need to dive in. It’s something I’ve been putting off but really want to up my game at. That and exercise……Buuut we won’t talk about that.

Seven) The husband is off tonight at an evening of recollection and I am just so happy that he is finally able to go. I don’t think he’s been since before Evey was born {too long!}. It has just been too hard to with school, work, one car, etc. He took the day off {pushed his 4th of July holiday later} to get some things done around the house and so was able to make it. I’m off for the women’s one in the morning–also been forever for me. Looking forward to a little spiritual refreshment.

Later alligator.

2 Thoughts on “Life Happenings {Offline} ~ {7QT}

  1. You garden sounds awesome. Our first tomato just turned red and we were all so excited. We have a small deck garden and it’s the first time we got veggies before the plants died of dehydration. lol.

    • Thanks, Bobbi! I’ve been spending a lot of time on it, so I hope it pays off in the long run.
      Yay for red tomatoes! Keep it hydrated! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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