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Knight’s Hat {Yarn Along}



Our family has been fighting an evil bug that caught us by surprise as soon as the cool weather hit last week. We’ve been nursing every cold symptom in the book with long naps, steam baths, and hot toddies. Extra time on the couch has found me with my knitting needles in hand for prolonged periods of time, starting the preparations for Christmas gifts.

My sister-in-law mentioned some time ago that my nephew might like a knitted knight’s hat so I searched high and low for a knit one {crochet ones are much easier to find} and stumbled across these “guidelines” for making one. I say that because it is not really a pattern but a few helps in the constructing of such a thing. It wasn’t too hard to figure out so give it a go if you’re interested.

Thankfully, my nephew doesn’t read my blog so I can share some sneak peeks of his gift. 😉

In the reading department this week, I shot through The Royal We which was great for entertainment, but not too much depth. Just what I needed with a cloudy head. Recommended for those who love British culture, especially of the royal variety.

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4 Thoughts on “Knight’s Hat {Yarn Along}

  1. What a great gift idea. What young boy wouldn’t love a knight’s hat?!? When my boys were little they loved anything that gave them permission to pretend – be it about knights or cowboys or favorite characters of a story or movie. My youngest (20 year-old) would probably still love to get something like this. 🙂

  2. You have a lovely blog!
    I really like this yarn you are using! Natural yarns are my favourites but for some reason I always end up getting colorful yarns and then regret not having natural tones.
    warm hugs!

    • Thanks so much, Veronica! I know what you mean about the bright colors being so attractive. 😉 When I can, I’m trying to be better about testing out the feel of the yarns too before purchase because that is just as important, I think!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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