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King Fire

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Posting has been rough this past week as not only did we kill my laptop, but we’ve been leaving the house for hours at a time to escape the smoke from the enormous King Fire burning just east of us. It seems our town is the perfect pocket for the smoke to settle.

The air has been in the hazardous zone for the past few days. The particle matter in the air is very dangerous to breathe and even more so for little ones. It has been causing cold-like symptoms in both Steve and I. The girls can’t communicate quite how they are feeling but I can see they are suffering too. It has certainly increased Lucie’s spit-ups incidents, even to the point of making her vomit one day, and Evelyn has clearly been suffering from itchy eyes and a runny nose. They seem extra tired. I know I am.


We can smell it in our house. When I wake up with Lucie in the middle of the night, the smell permeates our bedroom. I noticed my hair even smells like I’ve been sitting close to a campfire. Our vehicles are covered in a thin film of ash. The sun burns a rosy orange color as it rises in the morning and sets at night.

The worst is first thing in the morning. The cool air allows it to settle close to the ground. We drive through a haze as we attempt to make our way out of town.

storm and smoke

They are expecting some cooler air this weekend, but also windy conditions which may counteract the good of the cool air. As of my writing this, the fire has burned just shy of 9,000 acres and is about 35% contained. Please pray for the safety of our firefighters and that they may get this under control soon.

4 Thoughts on “King Fire

  1. SO SCARY! Glad you’re getting away!!!

    • Thankfully, the fire hasn’t been near us, but that smoke has been as bad as being in the midst of it. Glad it has finally cleared out and the fire is now 87% contained. We’ve got some hardworking firefighters here!

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